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Introducing Scaff Hat 

Are you having problems with the tops of your scaffold legs poking through your containment? Scaff Hat was designed to solve this issue and to save contractors money!


It works, it's reusable and could also be a rentable scaffold piece for your project. Scaff Hat was designed to work with Cuplock, Pin Lock and Peri Up Scaffolding. It's also designed to work with regular poly, reinforced poly, shrink wrap and various tarps, including canvas. Using Scaff Hat is an efficient, cost effective way to keep your scaffold legs from penetrating the roof of your containment. 


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Works with Cuplock, Pin Lock, and Peri Up Scaffolding Systems



  • Softens sharp scaffold tube edges

  • Bright safety orange color stands out on perimeter fencing/scaffold leg ends

  • Bright color works great around excavation as danger alert

  • Recommended usage on areas where human contact can occur

    • Low scaffold height perimeter fencing

    • Areas where a person could fall on a scaffold leg



  • Stop taping and padding off scaffold leg ends

  • Prevents containment penetrations

  • Creates a nice smooth rounded surface to support all types of poly



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Hi, I'm Safety Sam 

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